All World of Atlantis players, either staff members or regular players are fully responsible on their own accord to read, understand, and accept the following TOS in order to use the World of Atlantis Servers and all of it privileges and benefits offered.

Using World of Atlantis Services, means that all of the below Terms of Agreement have been read.

1] Never give your account information to another person. This is of private matter and is under your responsibility to keep it private. Sharing your account information is also your responsibility and doing such can cause you problems. These problems will not be resolved by the WOA Staff.

2] In no way modifying the World of Atlantis Client is allowed. All modifications other than the ones released by the WOA Staff used are subject for severe penalty or may result to ban.

3] Using hacks, phishing web pages, or any other 3rd Party Programs will not be tolerated and leads to receiving ban hammer permanently.

4] Impersonating in any kind of way, any member of the staff, will result in ban. For your own security and better gaming, do not put yourself at risk of getting banned by using these kinds of words in your in-game-name.

In addition, impersonating another user in order to defame him or gain profit / scam others will result to heavy penalty or account closure.

All data contained on this server is property of World of Atlantis. You are NOT allowed to buy or sell game DIAMONDS for real money. Any attempt to make such action will result in a permanent ban.

*Moreover, buying/selling your own farmed items is allowed but clearly at your own risk. WOA Management will not take any responsibility for you being scammed for buying or selling in such way.

6] Donation & Refunds - All Donations are compensated with Game Credits & Special Services, All Donations are NON-REFUNDABLE.

7] You are not allowed to abuse any game bugs or glitches that will give you some kind of unfair advantage, Please report bugs on our forum.

8] Player Vs Player (PvP) Servers are opened for all users to have fun. There are no Player Killing (PK) Rules, and it is allowed under any circumstances. 

9] While this server is player driven environment, please refrain from using racial & religuous insults to players. Continuous abuse of this will result to penalty.

10] Defamation of Server or any sort of spreading malicious info about the server will result to account closure or IP Ban.

11] If you deliberately break any of the terms agreement, WOA Reserves the right to close or ban your account without notice.

Thank You.
World of Atlantis Management.