WOA Update - 10/04/2019
Posted on Oct 04,2019 at 09:55
Today`s Update:

✔️ Castle Siege Game Mechanics Change.
⚔️ We are bringing back classic mechanics of Last Seal Crown Holder Victory.
⚔️ The guild that holds the crown at the end of castle siege will be declared winner.
⚔️ Seal Time: 10 Seconds Static Non Invest.

✔️ Automated 2x Exp Event has been set every weekends.
⚔️ Starts: 12:00 Midnight Friday
⚔️ Ends: 12:00 Midnight Sunday

✔️ Fenrir Crafting Set to 40% Flat Success Rate
✔️ Fixed Mall Shop some items being bought as Bound.
✔️ In Game Text Info Corrections
✔️ PC Game Client FPS Drop Fix & Shadow Bug
✔️ iOS Game Client Resolution Fix for iPhone & iPads

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Thank You,
WOA Management