Updates for 2020
Posted on Jan 27,2020 at 05:42
Here are WOA Updates for 2020:

New Charm:

* Talisman Charm Assembly -  This charm will protect your item from being destroyed when upgrading item level starting from +10
* When item failed upgrading, the item will turn back to +0 and all runes be destroyed.


* Castle Siege Special Events
* Box Hunt with Rate of 12%

Improved Reward for :

* Castle Siege:  20 Create Gem
* Redfort: Jewel of Life
* SDS Daily: Added more Gold Coins + EUS for Top 1 - 20
* SDS Ranking will now reset daily


* Personal Boss Drop is Fixed, It will drop same resources as World Boss Drop.
* Improvement for Daily Activity Reward

- This improved new reward system should empower new players / non donators to have atleast 1 EUS per day and some perks not having to compete with already high ranking SDS players or other high competitors in game as long as you are active and doing a lot of activities in game.

Thank You,
WOA Management