Party Share Exp Enabled & 2X Exp Event!
Posted on Sep 17,2019 at 23:09

Party Exp Sharing Enabled!

⚔️ Party member who kills mobs shares exp to team + bonus exp.
⚔️ Party Leader will be the reference of exp bonus to be shared, higher level the better.
⚔️ Party member must be 20 tiles near the monster kill to receive exp share.

🔥2x Exp Event for 1 Week - Sept 18 to Sept 25, 2019

⚔️ To make up with the recent long maintenance, we are giving 2x exp boost for 1 week.
⚔️ This limited time exp boost is server wide activated.
⚔️ This boost also stacks with your current in game exp buffs.

Please visit our forum for more details