Global Server Merge to Asia!
Posted on Jan 17,2020 at 22:53
Global merge to Asia Server has been completed

Instructions how global players can login:

* All Global Login Name (username) will have auto prefix of: CA_

Old global login name: test
New merged account: ca_test

* All Global Characters will have auto prefix of CA# this is to avoid any duplicate name that may cause conflict in game.

- All Global Mergers has free character rename service
- Login to website - Click Change Character Name


Additional Updates Today:

* Improved Synthesizing Items

- Instead of Generating from T8 to T12 it will be from T10 - T12 items.

- All Helms to Boots Set Generated are Guaranteed to be Master Item

- All Weapons to be Generated are guaranteed to have 3 Sockets + Luck + 2 Random Excellent Options

Thank You,
WOA Management.